Mission Australia Winter Sleepout

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13 Sep 2016

On any given night, one in two hundred Australians have no home they can call their own.

Of those 105,000 people without a home, over 6,000 are sleeping rough anywhere they can find shelter and safety.

On Saturday evening, I joined volunteers from my local community at the Springwood Winter Sleepout to raise money for homelessness services as part of Mission Australia’s annual Winter Sleepout campaign.

One night in the cold is nothing compared to the exclusion and deprivation suffered by homeless people, but I believe the Winter Sleepout is an important way to bring people together to focus on homelessness, and to raise some much needed funds for homelessness services.

A quarter of all homeless people are victims of family and domestic violence. There are nearly 18,000 children under the age of ten who are homeless. Four hundred of those children are sleeping rough.

There are complex social, financial and medical issues that cause homelessness. Homelessness has a significant human, social and economic cost and reducing the incidence of homelessness creates social and economic benefits for everyone.

Governments, private sector and the community have to work together to make sure that everyone has a roof over their heads and bed to sleep in at night.

Donations can be made at wintersleepout.com.au. Click on the ‘sponsor’ button to find local fundraising teams. Winter Sleepouts continue through the month of August.

I want to congratulate all the people that are participating in the 2016 Winter Sleepout, and thank the organisers of my local sleepout at Springwood.